Angled Chock Rear In Rail Guide- Sabre 42

Angled Chock Rear In Rail Guide- Sabre 42

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This angled chock rear in rail guide is in great condition. The chock measures 3 3/4” long x 1” wide. The little hole has a 5/8” diameter. It stands 1 3/4” tall at the shortest height and 3 1/4” tall at the highest point. It is angled so the front area is 4 3/8” long and the chock area is 5 1/2” long. The bottom is 1 3/8” on one side and 1 1/2” on the other. The top width is 1 1/8” wide. This was removed off a Sabre 42 sailboat.

There is a port and starboard side available. Please see all photos as we have included measurements on them to show you. 

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